• Applicants who cancel their registration must pay Telefilm Canada the full amount of the selected option if their cancellation is received after Friday, the 27th of August 2021.
  • In the event the Canada Pavilion is cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic (or any variant thereof), Telefilm Canada will reimburse to the applicant any payment made by the applicant to Telefilm Canada for any option chosen for the Canada Pavilion, the whole subject to the terms and conditions of the participation contract to be entered into between Telefilm Canada and the applicant.
  • The accreditation contract with Reed Midem is personal, non-transferable and final, and no refund will be issued by Reed Midem if a company’s representative cancels its participation, regardless of the date of cancellation. However, the accreditation may be transferred to another representative of the same company (same company name and same address) under some conditions.
  • Please note that the COVID-19 pandemic (or any variant thereof) may have consequences on the Canada Pavilion being held as described herein. It is strongly recommended that you comply with any travel advice and advisories issued by the Government of Canada at the time of MIPCOM.